Tuesday, February 01, 2005

SEMINAL 70S BRITISH BAND REUNITE: Okay, they might not quite have been 10CC or Thin Lizzy, but they still managed five top thirty hits - including a number four smash with its own dance craze - and now they're coming back together again for an Australian tour.

Yes, The Goodies are reuniting, and while most of their new act seems to be answering questions and basking in the glow of adulation, they are promising to do (do, do) The Funky Gibbon live one last time.

Apparently, later this month there's a second DVD collection of the 'best bits' which didn't make in onto the first. The first had the giant kitten and the Saturday Night Fever spoof, so it's hard to imagine what they're sticking on the second set. And we suspect that The Goodies might be one of those programmes better enjoyed in your memory than on your flat screen telly.


Simon said...

And it's a fact that Graeme Garden's son John is the Scissor Sisters' touring keyboard player. Wonder if he'll get time out for this.

simon h b said...

I'm always interested that they call Graeme Garden a docotr still - does he practice? Does he keep up to date with the Lancet?

I'm not sure I'd want him to be my GP:

- Doctor, what is this strange lump?
- I'm sorry, I haven't a clue...

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