Tuesday, February 22, 2005

SHIFTING SIX: COLLINS OUT, LAMMO IN: Starting from April, there's changes afoot at 6Music, as Steve Lamacq displaces former NME colleague Andrew Collins from the teatime show. Lamacq takes the weekdays at 4 o'clock slot while Collins is sent to the digital radio Siberia of Sunday afternoons and some sort of chart show.

The Ridiculously Gaunt Lammo is excited by the shift:

"Hopefully the new show won't be too po-faced or serious - and it certainly won't just be me and a bunch of old indie records.

Which is a pity, as we'd quite like just him and a bunch of old indie records. Except the Kingmaker ones, obviously.

Meanwhile, controller Lesley Douglas is pointing out the opportunity in the new slot for Andrew Collins:

"I am very excited about Andrew's new shows. He has a mind which can turn to anything - from music to television, from art to trivia - something that listeners will be able to enjoy in his new Sunday show."

In other words, it's very exciting that instead of being able to enjoy his company for fifteen hours a week, we can get that pressed down into just three.

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Anonymous said...

Tha's pretty good, but I feel really sorry for collins - his show was good, and he sounded like he loved doing it. Vic McGlynn between 1 and 4 is terrible, I'm sure they'd have gotten rid of her, were she not the only woman on the daytime schedule!

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