Sunday, February 13, 2005

SIXX FIGURE SETTLEMENT: A nice court payday for Nikki Sixx, who's managed to get a million bucks out of Vans, the plimsole company. Sixx complained that Van used a picture of him in an ad campaign without asking permission; something made worse because he actually has - of course he does - his own clothing line. Apparently, it's called N. Sixx by Dragonfly. This is the sort of thing he does for them:

... and you can see how someone selling such quality garments would be upset at the suggestion he was endorsing other clothing items.

But it's not about the money, or even about Nikki, this is a human rights thing:

"I'm happy, not so much for myself, but for all artists who are unfairly taken advantage of by major corporations" Sixx said in a statement. "I hope this encourages other performers to stand up to those who would exploit them without securing the necessary rights."

Of course, it's not so much a victory for the dumbschmucks being exploited into handing over nearly fifty bucks for an ugly shirt by a combination of major corporations and barely talented artists, but even the longest march to freedom has to start somewhere.