Tuesday, February 08, 2005

THIS ISN'T AN ATTEMPT TO DISTRACT ATTENTION, OH NO: Robbie Williams, who isn't gay and doesn't want to have anyone thinking that he might be, has attempted to draw attention away from jake Shear's suggestion that he's gay by making some sort of fuss over Pete Doherty being invited to the Brits.

Yes, yes, we know that Pete Doherty could no more go to the Brit Awards than he could a Midnight Mass, what with the curfew and all, and we suspect that Williams knows that too. Which would be why the fuss is just over a paper tiger, and not anything that's actually going to leave him having to either climb down or look stupid. Stupider.

What is interesting, though, is what the organisers really would do if the choice was between Doherty and Williams - we suspect, since the British TV coverage is all signed and dusted and an audience more or less assured, they'd probably choose the guy who's got more of a profile in the key US market. And Robbie Williams would be watching on telly instead.

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