Friday, February 11, 2005

TO BE ANOTHER URI GELLAR...: Interesting watching the friends of Michael shifting their positions as more and more about the trial leaks in our direction - take, for example, Uri Gellar. He was at the Oxford Union earlier in the week (god alone knows why; it's like the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame hosting a knees-up for Black Lace) and the topic of Jacko came up:

"They asked me about Michael and I told them that God forbid I'm wrong and he is convicted, then my belief in human nature and my own ability to judge character will be shattered to the core.

"I want to believe he has done none of what he has been accused of.

"I will have to wait with millions of other people to see the outcome of the trial.

"I will simply be patient and see what happens."

Apart anything else, what with him supposedly having telepathic powers and so on, surely he should be able to forsee the outcome? But since he can't, he doesn't really seem to be issuing a ringing endorsement of his certainty that his friend is innocent, does he?

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