Wednesday, February 09, 2005

WILLIAMS DENIES 'DOHERTY OR ME' STORY: Robbie Williams is threatening to sue The Sun over yesterday's story that he threatened to quit the Brits if Pete Doherty was allowed to go. The Sun has yet to respond to the letter from Williams' solicitors:

A statement from Williams' lawyers, Sheridans, said the story's claims were "grossly offensive and defamatory allegations against Robbie Williams and are completely untrue".

The statement continued: "Our client has not sought to have Pete Doherty removed from the guest list or banned from attending the Brit awards. He has made no threat not to appear or perform.

"He has not sought to impose any conditions concerning Pete Doherty. Our client is not unsympathetic in his attitude to any problems Pete Doherty has with drug or alcohol addiction."

Sherdians said that the Sun published the "damaging and offensive article" without checking whether it was true with Williams or his management.

The law firm said it had written to the Sun asking it to explain its conduct and requesting the publication of "an immediate apology and retraction". It has received an acknowledgement of the letter and confirmation that the matter is being looked in to.


Anonymous said...

Wot no comment? Come on Simon! Some of us sadder inhabitants of the planet live for your withering Williams-baiting every morning! (Well, me, to be precise)

Straight reporting? Facts, schmacts - stick the boot in!

simon h b said...

Hey, we were rushing to cathc America's Next Top Model on Living TV+1 - we thought Williams could keep...

and there's not really very much to say here, except: It really does a splendid job of drawing attention away from Jake Shears' comments, doesn't it?

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