Wednesday, March 02, 2005

ARE YOU SURE IT WAS DEFINITELY MUSIC?: Jimmy Chamberlain, once of the Smashing Pumpkins, nearly died in a heroin-strewn overdose. When he didn't he took this to be a sign that his services to music were still needed on Earth:

"The dark days were part of somebody's grand scheme. I have a lot of faith in the order of things. It's something I realised after people died in front of me. When I realised I was alive and able to make music I began to realise why I was here. I take that very seriously.

"I don't do drugs and I don't drink anymore. Those are things I used to do a lot of. I just don't see the glamour in it anymore. The things that are important to me now are honesty, music, my family and my friends."

We're not entirely sure where he saw the glamour in tying a bandana round your arm, slapping your skin desperately for a vein before injecting a mix of some heroin and godaloneknowswhat else. It's like saying "Yeah, I decided to start changing my pants; I didn't see the glamour in crinkling between my ass-cheeks any more..."

But is Jimmy sure fate saved him for the purposes of making music? It could have been that fate was saving him to keep Billy Corgan talking for as long as possible to stop him from writing any "poetry". Or maybe to take up a career as a stock car driver. That's the thing with fate: she sends her messages, but they're never that clear cut. We're just can't believe she was thinking "another couple of Melon Colies and the Infinite Sadness type albums is what we need..." Though they do say that fate can be cruel.

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