Thursday, March 03, 2005

IT'S ALL WATCHING VIDEOS, INNIT?: The Jackson jury got another film today - this time, it was of the November 2003 raid on Neverland Ranch. The video focused on the search of the estate, showing pictures of jacko's bedroom and, according to the prosecution team, showing a "private world of alcohol and porn" - not that there was any porn in the footage. Must have been the 10 Minute Freeview version, then. The video came with a director's commentary, as Santa Barbara Sheriff Department photographer Albert Lafferty was on hand to describe what was going on.
The case is still rumbling away.

UPDATE: The accuser's sister is now giving evidence, telling the court that Jackson flew the family to Miaimi to avoid them seeing the Bashir documentary. Yeah, because they don't have televisions in Florida. Maybe he thought the Cuban broadcast signal jamming would stop the programme?

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