Tuesday, March 01, 2005

IT'S ON A PAR WITH MAX CLIFFORD SIGNING TO GET HIS TITS OUT IN THE PRESS: JMB Record$ (yes, they are called Record-dollar symbol, which is so Jonathan Yeah? of them) have frothily signed a new artist to what they believe is "South Florida's ultimate label". He is Chris Georggin, but no greenhorned newcomer to the brutal world of music is he. He has been part of the management team for Blink 182 and New Found Glory, but now, presumably having spent a while wondering why he just takes a cut of their cash when he could make an unpleasant din for himself and keep all the cash, he's decided to become a musician:

“I never thought that the songs I messed around with would one day lead to me actually signing with a label, and it is so unbelievably cool that JMB has the confidence in me and provided me with this incredible opportunity. I have known the Grushka brothers for a number of years and I couldn’t think of a better situation for me, my music and for living out my dream" he said.

To be honest, we would have thought he was more a fanboy than a manager:

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