Monday, March 07, 2005

JENNY FROM THE BUSH: A further example of how record companies' minds work. Obviously, the pairing of Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem is great for the Australian and north-western European markets, but what to do launching Delta in America?

Clearly, they need to make her the new something-or-other; and while you or I might have sighed and gone "New Anastacia, innit?" they've decided that she's the new J-Lo. No, really. Although, to be fair, Jennifer Lopez's background didn't actually match the one we were supposed to believe granted her musicianship that all-important authenticity, so there's no reason why you can't market a nice, middle-class stage school girlie from Australia in the same 'jenny from the block2 r&b mode. Obviously, you wouldn't if you were a company with any sense of honesty or reality, but this is the music business...

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