Thursday, March 03, 2005

MORE KITE TESTIMONY: The defence team in the Jackson trial has attempted to dismiss Ann Kite's credibility as a witness, suggesting that she was hardly a judge of matters since she worked for team Jacko for a week before she left his employ. For her part, she claimed the Jackson aide's plan was to smear the family of the accuser:

She told the court that in the aftermath of the broadcast, a Jackson lawyer had told her the boy's mother would be made to look like a "crack whore".

Interestingly, Kite also suggested that the team of advisers might not just have been inept, but working to another agenda: she told the jury she'd heard one of the aides "may have been an agent of a record company"; working to try and get control of the catalogue he owned.

When the family managed to leave the Neverland ranch on February 13th 2003, she was told shortly afterwards the situation had been "contained":

Ms Kite told the court she had later asked Jackson's lawyer, David LeGrand, what had happened.

"I said, 'Don't make me believe that these people were hunted down like dogs and brought back to the ranch'," she said.

The case goes on.

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