Tuesday, March 01, 2005

PRICE TICKETS ON HIMSELF: The Kanye West might get his cock out for Playgirl story isn't actually much of a story (Playgirl have said they'd like him to; we'd like Conor Oberst to smear himself in custard and titty-dance for us, but that's not really a news story); but buried in the report is something more fascinating - Kanye wants magazines to pay him for putting him on the front cover:

"These magazines make money from ads and subscriptions...So if you're putting me on the cover and people are buying your magazine because of me, why shouldn't I get paid to be on that cover? You are going to have to pay me to do magazine covers now!"

Erm... how about because they're promoting you to their readership and without exposure you won't sell any of your records, brainboy?

This sort of thinking is just a step away from record companies wanting to charge for pop videos; and only two paces from Universal insisting that magazines pay for the right to carry advertising on their behalf. Only one of these things has yet to happen, but it's a matter of time.

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