Thursday, March 03, 2005

SONY THROWS WEIGHT AROUND AGAIN: It might not be high art, but the fusing of Metallica with the Beatles created by the band Beatallica would appear to be a fairly amusing parody of two acts. Harmless fun, right? No. Sony Publishing has decided that tracks like Leper Madonna and Got Get You Trapped Under Ice are harming its business. The band have, of course, had little option but to remove their website under the onslaught, even although parodies are protected under the US constitution. It's interesting that Sony have chosen to draw attention to their control of the Beatles back catalogue even while Ann Kite is in court suggesting there were shenanigans in how they came to control it.

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Anonymous said...

Can't Believe they've been taken offline, they were a great spoof band, and they weren't even making money out of it (well the website at least).

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