Friday, March 04, 2005

TIMBERLAKE INSISTS ON DRUGS, SEX IN RETURN FOR WORK: Justin Timberlake - and it seems so long since we've had to type that name; where have you been, boy? - is to play Elton John in a movie of Elton's life. But he insisted on there being scenes of animal-mad fucking, mountain-bashing drug snorting and stupendously bad hat-buying being added in before taking the role:

"Knowing what a wild existence Sir Elton has led I thought 'Wow, you're offering me that role?' but when I read the script all the wild stuff had been left out."

"I told the studio that it would have to be warts-and-all so that's what it's going to be. I can't wait to get started."

What sort of film would Elton's life story have been if they'd left out the drugs and sex? The only things we can think that would have been in that original script would have been:

Act One: Elton meets Kiki Dee
Act Two: Crisis at Watford - the shirt sponsorship deal falls through
Act Three: Diana's funeral

But why would Justin be so keen for there to be lots of gay sex and coke in the script itself? Presumably so the excuse "I was merely researching a part" doesn't ring hollow, is it?

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timtamtom said...

warts and all film... rollicking sex life...

genital warts and all?

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