Tuesday, March 01, 2005

WE BET IT SUFFERED WITHOUT THE CORRIE LEAD-IN: The jurors in the Michael Jackson trial have been shown the Martin Bashir documentary which the prosecution believes lays at the heart of Michael Jackson's troubles. It's believed the Judge has refused them permission to watch the 2003 Comic Relief spoof with Lenny Henry and Rowan Atkinson straight after, but they did get the Bashir himself. All there was time for today was for Bashir to mention that he once interviewed Diana Windsor, you know before everyone politely made their excuses and left.

Earlier, the defence had sketched out its defence - Thomas Meserau made much of the lack of any DNA evidence at Neverland proving the molestation; although if you make someone cum in their pants, the place to look for DNA would seem to be in the person's trousers rather than in the bedroom.

He also embarked on the campaign to run down the accuser and his brother - far from being plied with alcohol by Jackson, the defence claims they broke into the wine cellar. In a further play for the jury's sympathy, Mesereau described how they ran amok, switching on the ferris wheel without asking and throwing stuff at the elephants. We can see that playing well with the jurors - which of us haven't had trouble when we have kids thirty years our junior to tea with them mucking about in our fairground and annoying our elephants?

Mesereau conceded that Jacko "does read girlie magazines from time to time" - although no matter how much he wants us to believe he looks at the pictures, everyone knows he's only really interested in the articles - but doesn't go round showing them to kids. That, of course, would be odd and wrong.

The case continues, and will for quite a bit.

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