Monday, January 15, 2001

GOOGLE HUH? You know those snatches of copy that Google serves up when it presents its excellent findings? Don't you love it when you get something apparently random, surreal and meaningless? Its like a whole new game. Googlette. You can play it by yourself, but its better when you share, baby:

I just got these:

... The estate of Michael Hutchence is believed to be worth ... Pulp's Jarvis Cocker interrupted
a Michael Jackson performance. ... body exhumed and an autopsy conducted. ...

... the moon by a variety of spacecraft of unknown origin. He would not ... surely, for Tory
leadership contender William Hague. [UK 10]**** From: Calb1701@aol ...

... covering the jet black material with its ... of Johnny's trousers. "Fuck! I'm gonna ... want
instead of cigarettes from now on ... knob just inside Johnny's gaping gob. I ...

The hours at work will just fly by now, until you get sacked to death.

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