Monday, March 25, 2002

CASH COW: A piece in Friday's FT provides some further business-related background to EMI's problems, along with a similar piece in Saturday's Guardian, which will make glum reading for people who are desperate to see the music industry as a battery farm. However, EMI aren't really learning from their mistakes - having spent a small fortune buying Mariah and then realising their expensive mistake, the eggs-in-one-basket approach is being repeated today with a huge Robbie Williams deal. Yes, he may be bloody popular now, for whatever reason, but so was Mariah. Forty million quid spent on a single huge ego... how many new acts could be nurtured and grown for that? Or even one-tenth of that. It's interesting that EMI seem to be on the point of making the same mistake ITV Digital have - Robbie Williams could be their Nationwide Premier, an over priced commodity that could start to leach money needed away from the rest of their operations precisely at the time those need the most attention...

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