Monday, March 25, 2002

PRE-ORDAINED... NB: Less surprising than Will being gay. From Media Monkey

Marked from the start
Still wondering why Will Young hasn't had a big commercial deal following his Pop Idol triumph and why it went to the runner-up instead? According to reports at the weekend, Pepsi knew exactly what it wanted from Pop Idol long before Gareth and Will slugged it out in the final round - the same that pop svengali Simon "high trousers" Cowell wanted: a cute, young, docile boy from Bradford, aka Gareth Gates. It now transpires the drinks giant decided its £75,000 would go to gap-toothed Gates back in January. "We started looking at Gareth from about 10 weeks into the competition," says Pepsi marketeer Karen Goffe. So if you didn't know it already Will - at 23 years old, you won't be a pop idol for long.

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