Tuesday, March 26, 2002

ROCK SCRAPBOOK: Ryan Adams dances like a Spanish monkey on Elton's shoulders; Sting, Macca, Dylan applaud. "We like your little monkey" says Sting. "He bores me now" cries Dylan.
Bono pops up to vouch for Peter Buck at his air rage trial. Last week, of course, Bono was standing shoulder to shoulder with George Bush, vouching for him as a man of honour and decency. Buck's going to go down for a long time, isn't he?
which is bad news for trees in Virginia. "If Daddy goes to jail, who will look after us?" sobs a willow
MisTeeq say gun-toting so-solid fool is "lovely." Coming up at 11: "That Mark Chapman, he was so sweet"
Britney and Justin very much in love, says official statement:. It reads:
"To set it straight, both of them are very busy and focusing on their careers.
"They love each other very much and have not broken up. The demands on their time have naturally created a significant time apart, which could be misconstrued as a more permanent situation".
In reference to reports that both have been seen flaunting their freedom in numerous nightclubs across the globe, the statement concludes: "As for spotting in clubs, they are both young and like to dance".

Erm, which is fine, except...
Britney not in a serious relationship, she tells press conference

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