Wednesday, March 27, 2002

SHIRLEY ON THE TELLY: So, still uber-queen despite the hair (what is that, Greg Proops goes to Gwen's?) Shirley Manson was on the BBC's Liquid News last night, and was pretty good on the Britney crisis - her take was, it's nice if you can do these things (Brit was booed for not gladhanding her fans at the premiere of Crossroads, btw), but anyone who turns up should only do so in the expectation of failing, not the certainty of a chance of meeting the star. (This should be drummed into the person who runs a Mel C list and excitedly posted how soon she'll be putting up pictures of her and Mel - because she's going to spend a week in London, and Mel C is in London, so its obvious they'll bump into each other...). What was curious, though, was that in a show which lingered on the banned Ali G poster (subject of 100 complaints, and the reason why UIP will have to have all adverts pre-vetted by the ASA in future) and featured a woman yelling over the heads of her children "Britney can stick her movie up her arse", when Shirley slipped out the word "shit", the fill-in presenter immediately rushed forward to apologise for the "bad" language. Hmmm.
Talking of bad language, Tony Wilson was on Midweek earlier, and seemed disappointed that London Underground will only allow him to appear labelled as a "Twit" on posters for 24 Hour Party People (and aren't you sick of that already?), rather than the "Twat" he gets called above ground...

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