Thursday, March 28, 2002

NOW WE ARE SIX: now s-club 7 become s club. as one of them pisses off to join a schoolmate's nu-metal band (okay, because *that* is a sane thing to do) Only problem is, their telly series are called [place name] 7, aren't they? So what are they going to do about that, then?
of course, the place to go for the scoop is Newsround, and its reaction board, which is priceless:
I'm not surprised that Paul is leaving. Nobody wants to do pop anymore. All bands like that will split up in a year or so. But it's sad though because there are too many solo singers now, it is boring! Sappho, 10, Weybridge
A ten year old called sappho? I blame eastenders meself. But "Nobody wants to do pop anymore", eh? Um... how many twat-bearers turned up for the Pop Idol auditions?
This just proves that pop music is near it's end. It's sad but true. Sarah, 15, Grimsby
Well, she's had a lot of experience... how old would she have been when Take That split? eight?
I have been crying for hours but I still love them. Fiona, 13, Billingham
eh? You're thirteen, for christ's sake - you should be thinking Marilyn manson is a headfuck, not pissing about with S Club bloody 7...

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