Wednesday, May 29, 2002

DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER THE ROXY?: Apparently they don't at ITV network centre, if the Daily Express is to be believed. (Hmm. Now, there's room for debate in itself, isn't there?) ITV are toying with the idea of launching a rival to TOTP - with the Cerebus of Cowell, Fox and Waterman presenting. Where to start? First, ITV already has a rival to TOTP, in CD:UK. Second, this seems to misunderstand entirely the nature of the Pop Idol judges - giving them a chart show is akin to recreating the Muppet Show, but with Statler and Waldorf MCing; if they worked at all, it was as hurler of barbs, not as cheerleader. Finally: Hitman and Her. 'Nuff said? If they really want to please us, they'd bring back The Chart Show.

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