Wednesday, May 29, 2002

GAWD 'ELP US, 'EES GOT RELIGION: Bizarre new edition of Time Out, with Will Young replicating the Kate Moss/Manics take on that Bond movie where the woman gets killed by being painted in gold. Sadly, not the being killed part. Wha's worse is Will, currently on course for number one with his reading of Light My Fire (more 'heat my poptart', actually) seems to think he might be some sort of New Hope for a busted generation:"Through mass pop culture, you can make positive changes. I know this makes me sound like a campaigner for goodness and goodwill. But why am I here? I don't know where I got my voice from, although I had a great uncle who was a baritone. But you have to look beyond it and see what you're responsibilities are." Uh? You think that vocal talent is like a cross between male pattern baldness and the knight from chess (skips a generation, moves two to the right?) And you really think that your "voice" has been given to you by some force (god? satan? John Prescott?) in order for you to solve the troubles of the world? Honey, don't you think that The Force would have equipped you with a slightly more noticeable voice, and perhaps something to say as well?
Time Out website - of course, he needs a Watcher, to show him what the powers of a Pop Idol actually mean...

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