Tuesday, May 28, 2002

IT'S NOT THE LEAVING OF HOTHAM STREET THAT GRIEVES ME: Been meaning to mention the second closure of The Lomax here in Liverpool - not so long ago, the original Lomax in Cumberland Street was axed, and the club relocated into the loins of its bigger brother, the L2. While we'd had numerous good times at the original Lomax (and some bad, too - Stereophonics as often as Catatonia), it was a good move, making better use of the frankly nicer L2 premises while cutting costs. The new Lomax was more easily accesable by bands and fans, it was more comfortable, had its bar actually in the same room as the stage, fitted more people in... sure, we shed a tear for all that history, but the move worked, and - under the steady hand of John McGee - the place thrived. More essential names passed through the doors - it's always the Idlewild gig we'll remember, and Marine Research, and ... but you get the idea.
Anyway, now the Lomax has moved again, and it's hard to work up either the energy or the interest to even feel upset. Hunkering down in Cream (we can't imagine why this springs to mind, but do you remember that episode of Spin City where Carter and Stewart had no choice but to live with each other, despite hating each other, because it was all they could afford?), and sorely missing McGee's touch, the once mighty listings mailout is looking a bit, well, empty. June is promising Arthur Lee (a legend, yes, but...), Justin Sullivan (yes, you do. New Model Army.) and the James Taylor Quartet. And while none of these acts are a bad choice - NMA fans never die, they just put cornplasters on their clogs and carry on - it's hardly giving the impression of a modern, kick-ass music venue.

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