Tuesday, May 28, 2002

STUPID SPAM BANDS: Yup, not only are the Chromatics spamming lists, but revealing themselves to be a bit dunderheaded in the process. "Don't confuse them [us] with the other Chromatics" they warn at the end of a too-long, too-rambly message posted to a Le Tigre list. "One is acappella and the other is Christian" - yeah, gotta hate those Christian rock bands, the way they hijack people's interests and bang on about other things - but, if you're aware there are other bands with the name, and are worried about possible confusion, why not change your name? If you're still getting people to wax lyrical apparently spontaneously about you online, you clearly don't have a large enough fanbase to worry about upsetting them. Jesus. (Please don't confuse that expression of exasperation with the Christian icon of the same name.)

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