Sunday, May 26, 2002

SPAMBANDARAMA: "Anyone in Manchester?" asks Qualia. Yes, hundreds of thousands of people. You might find you can reach them through the Manchester Evening News and City Life rather than randomly spewing over the entire web. Meanwhile, while it pains me to mention the dreadfully over-rated Robin Black and the IRS here (Like a C&A attempt to create a T-Rex), they get extra stupid marks for having their street team apparently spam a Placebo-themed list that has only just recovered from many of its members confusing the bloody group with something Glammy and Placebo-like. "Have any of you guys heard of Robin Black?" squealed the newcomer, causing shudders. And, from the should-know-better file: is it really neccesary for The Hives to stoop to this level? There's a genuine buzz surrounding you, for crying out loud - you don't need to get people to spam lists with apparently genuine "Have you heard of..." advertomercials.

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