Friday, June 07, 2002

The Bamboo Review: Elbow/Doves

Miss Becky done go see Elbow and The Doves in San Francisco:

[...]anyways. the first band was elbow. I've heard their cd a couple of times and it's not bad. just not flip your lid great, either. besides a few technical difficulties they were good. pleasant. the guitarist had the same adidas as me. he even laced them the same way (straight across). hell, they even looked like the same size (he's a short guy). the singer occasionally sounded like the coldplay guy (what was sare's name for him? bubble butt?) but was much cuter. so that was nice.

then the doves. took them forever and a day to set up. usually the GAMH has quick changeovers but it took over a half hour last night. bah. anyways. I haven't heard the new cd, so most of the show was new to me. good stuff. initial impression is that the songs lack the atmosphere of lost souls, but maybe that's due to ack of familiarity and not hearing the album as a cohesive whole. I liked them a lot, though. good stuff. I noticed they re-used the video playback. I kept getting deja vu at some of the images but it wasn't till the 70s dance party / weird spinning guy that I was certain they'd used the same video (o r parts of it) the last time I saw them. s'okay. cos I like the weird spinning guy. he's cool. they played "spaceface" the sub sub song as the closer. does anyone have a copy of it that they could burn and send me? I'd like to have it...

[EDIT: Reformated to match current No Rock style; content left as was 3-6-07]

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