Tuesday, June 25, 2002

GREAT ROCK? OR GREAT BALLS?: So, with the new album, apparently Sony plan to "re-establish" Oasis as one of the great rock bands. In this week's Music Week, their publicist complains that the b(r)and has to "contend" with a high media profile outside their music. Hmmm, contend, eh? Nobody seems to have stopped to consider where the band would have been without Liam's wayward spunk, Noel's wafer-lite It-ish girl wife, the fighting and the ill-tempered inability to exist in a world that doesn't need them is all that keeps them with a profile - certainly, musically, they're a band whose Great Works have long since been completed. Certainly, that's what the record buying public seem to feel, anyway - Stop Crying... not only got defeated at the shops by the second week of the third coming of Elvis, but roundly and firmly so - managing 85,000; nearly fifty thou behind the dead fat guy, and thirty thousand short of what the first single managed. This despite being the song of choice for both BBC and ITV to play over spliced highlights of England doing what England do in the World Cup. And wasn't that an apt choice? Plucky team doing better than anyone expected, but still failing to make it amongst the very best; let down by a bloke with a bad hairstyle and a bloke from Manchester whose talent couldn't be relied upon to deliver.
What is interesting, though, is the admission from the PR person (vice president of marketing at Sine, if that means anything) Torsten Luth
that the tracks being available on MP3 made no difference: "So the tracks were leaked. We just carried on as before with the campaign."

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