Monday, June 10, 2002

LATEST REPORT ON KETTLE - OVER TO POT: Jay Kay has, rather amusingly, branded Prince Edward "the most useless bastard I know" - isn't that "I know" somehow telling? - and suggested that the monarchy should be ended when the Queens stops. (Of course, this is in an interview with a Czech paper, since no British person is going to ask for the Hat-covered Stevie Wonder Squash for his opinions on the reform of the constitution. Not unless Bez has refused to tell the Spectator about his idea to reform the Lords). Hmmm. Edward might be useless, Jay, but at least he managed to get his vaccuous blonde bimbette to the top of the aisle. How's Denise doing these days, Mr. Kay?
even Ananova choose a pic of Edward over Jay - good god, I bet he thinks he could do better...

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