Monday, June 10, 2002

MORE FROM THE ROYAL-ROCK INTERFACE: Curious piece in the Sunday Times yesterday, about the likelihood of Jagger getting an "Arise sir" from the Queen next week. Not because of the title; nowadays Mick is all inside the cosy belly of the establishment. Indeed, it's that which is curious - according to the Times, Mick has been going round claiming that senior royals have been expressing their amazement that he hasn't felt Her Maj's sword on his shoulders already. Now, if you're hoping for a gong, it would take some uppity to make something like that up - so what gives? Does Charles really have Mick to tea, and tut over his mother's shortcomings? And if Jagger does get one, will the other Stones be up for the title, too? Better send Beatrice and Eugenie away the day Bill Wyman comes a-calling...

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