Tuesday, July 30, 2002

DIE BY THE SWORD: We'd have to snicker at the news that the RIAA website got hit by a denial of service attack even while the American music industry version of the Little Rissington Traders Association was applauding Joe 'changes the Kinnocks to' Biden's attempts to change US law to allow peer to peer networks to be hacked by, erm, the RIAA, but the response from the industry is just wonderful: "Don't they have something better to do during the summer than hack our site? Perhaps it at least took 10 minutes away from stealing music." - which, to us, seems to be suggesting that "stealing music" is a better use of time than hacking websites. And surely the RIAA know that on a modern computer - even a PC - you can download in the background while setting up your DOS attack.
Maybe someone had grounds to suspect that the RIAA were up to something? [CNET] - now, try not to smirk
riaa.org - flaunting a 'parental advisory' sticker on its front page, suggesting explicit content inside

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