Tuesday, July 30, 2002

TALKING OF THE RIAA: There is something on their website that makes us raise an eyebrow and say 'Oh, really?' On the 'Ask the RIAA' page, someone asks what is your stand on MP3?, and in the reply, the Industry Body states: "If you choose to take your own CDs and make copies for yourself on your computer or portable music player, that's great. It's your music and we want you to enjoy it at home, at work, in the car and on the jogging trail." This seems to be at odds with the way members of its organisation create CDs which can't be played on standard CD equipment and can't be used to make copies on people's computers. Indeed, while it's easy to find the claim by the RIAA that it believes people should have the right to make copies of music they've paid for, for their own personal use, if you dig a bit you find a letter from CEO Hilary Rosen that contradicts this totally, defending the record comapny's right to make CDs that don't actually play on CD players. But then, of course a corporate body would put its members interests before its consumers' rights.

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