Friday, July 12, 2002

INESSENTIAL: Very little surprise that Essential have pulled the London festival, after the trouble surrounding the Bristol one earlier this year. What's especially amusing is, once again, rather than 'fessing up that it's because of poor ticket sales, they're blaming the cancellation on the weather, and the state of the ground. "It was all mashed up by Mardi Gras" claim the organisers - blaming the gayers, see, rather than the fact that hardly anyone wants to stand on a football pitch watching roni size. The official statement reads:
"It is with very sad regret that Essential Entertainments are announcing the cancellation of the forthcoming Essential Festival due to be held in London's Hackney Marshes over the 3rd and 4th August.
Heavy weather damage sustained last weekend during the Mardi Gras festival has meant that our Health and Safety officer is not confident that the site can recover in time to host the event safely as well as in a pleasant environment.
This meant that the only choices would have been to relocate the site or postpone the event, which were not viewed as viable options.
Relocating the event would simply not have been possible at such a late stage, whilst postponement would have meant that many of the acts would be unavailable.
It is with very sad regret that after putting on ten Essential Festivals since 1991, Essential are having to cancel the event."

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