Friday, July 12, 2002

APOLOGIES IF KORN: While the No To Euro campaign try desperately to untie the knots caused by the Rik Mayall as Hitler advert (-'Its funny' - why? -'It's satire' -In what way is it satirical? -'It's a joke, you see, and it's about politcs, so it must be satire'), more Hitler-related trouble has hit the world with Korn's James Shaffer forced into a bumbling apology for saying that Hitler went to heaven. Trying to undo a stupid statement in metal hammer magazine, James has suggested that his comment - "I think this is true Hitler went to Heaven (if there is such a thing as Heaven really exists). He felt that what he did was right, and I think that if what you feel you're doing is right, in your heart, then you can't be wrong!" - read 'confusingly.' See, you might think that it meant that he believes Hitler, because he was doing what he believed in, so he was true to his heart and as a result went to Heaven. But, no, it's not that simple. Now, James is trying to make it clearer: "Hitler's fate and treatment in the afterlife is determined by a higher power, not me or anyone else. I apologise to anyone who was offended by my comments, which read confusingly in Metal Hammer." Now, this seems to be more confusing than the original comments - apart from how he thinks they 'read confusingly' - how thick does he think his fans are? James said he believed Hitler went to Heaven, because he believed in what he was doing. His retraction says that Hitler's fate would have been decided by God. This doesn't actually withdraw the statement that Hitler would have gone to heaven, does it? Or is that just me?
"Well-meaning Hitler? He'll be in heaven now..."
...but only if God let him. Will that do?

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