Monday, July 08, 2002

MORE ON VIBE: So, following on from the extra details provided by a passer-by in comments last week, we've found out that the artist who is the only thing on the show - variously called something like Alisee or Angel - is, in fact, the wife of Steve Bennett. Bennett made £37million offloading just before the dotcom sector collapsed like a asthmatic in a cloud chamber, and so has money to fritter away on trying to make his wife into a star. It turns out she's got form for this, as Chris Tomlinson related in passing when Bennett invested in a karaoke website; she once stood up at an Institute of Directors dinner and belted out 'I will always love you.' Steve, of course, could have made her a star more easily - with his cash, a spot of payola and chart rigging would have got her on TOTP faster than you can say "Isn't that sort of thing frowned upon?" rather than going down this route which does look somehow desperate, don't you think?
Besides... would you really want your wife to be in such a reprobate industry. No less a pop personage than Beyonce Knowles has told the, um, Radio Times that the whole music industry can mess your head up and make you sad. Even if your body is bootylicious.
It's a shit business, says Beyonce - don't put your sister on the stage, Ms Knowles. No, really, please, please don't...

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