Monday, July 08, 2002

POACHER TURNS EGG: As if he wasn't 'busy' enough elbowing his was into cartoon bands, and taking over Malawi like a latter-day Mark Curry, Damon Albarn has now decided to become a music journalist, too. he's going to write for the reactivated Songlines magazine, the official journal of noodling about 'world' music (or 'rest of the world music', to give it is more spookily accurate name).
Meanwhile, Saturday's Weekend Guardian featured a piece by Louise Wener, who used to be in Sleeper but is now a writer. She retold the Sleeper tale, and showed herself to be as good at prose as she was at fine tunes, although her grasp of research is a bit... um, flaky, shall we say? (T'pau contemporaries of Jam, Smiths, Blondie?). Still, it all bodes well for the launch of her book, although that too
Oi, Albarn... Noooooo - of course, Blur did once guest edit NME...
We always liked Sleeper - of course, their big mistake was in losing the square brackets from their name
We're cheap whores, you know - buy Goodnight Steve McQueen from Amazon
Sample from chapter 1 - actually, Louise, Winner Takes All didn't show the punters the prize, not in the classic Tarby years, it was in a suitcase at the end. And, erm, Millionaire did. In a big glass pyramid in the first series.

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