Friday, August 02, 2002

TYING TOGETHER SOME THEMES: Talking of (i) three piece girlbands with new members and (ii) pisspoor autobiographies, can you wait for the Atomic Kitten biography, Hopefully titled 'So far so good' (we'd have gone with 'Be kind to us when we're gone'), as someone on Popbitch pointed out, the official blurb is promising that Lil, Natasha and Jenny will "exclusively recall how it all started." Now, since Kerry Katona was bounced out the band halfway through their chart career, Jenny's memory of the start is going to be interested but a quick look at the google cache for the OMD website records clearly that Natasha wasn't around at the start (when the band was still called Automatic Kitten) either. In fact, save yer money - this is how it all began:

More news on Andy McCluskey's new project: The girl band formerly known as The Automatic Kittens have now been rechristened Atomic Kitten. Andy, Stuart and colleague Martin O'Shea were in London last week meeting with various record companies and generating quite a bit of interest.
- that was from the 23rd March 1999; Natasha joined in May '99.
The thing is, there probably is a wonderful book to be written about the making of Atomic Kitten, and McCluskey is a rather fine spinner of tales, so the true story has the potential to be a great addition to the rock shelf of your local library. And while there's still a possibility the actual book will have the girls saying "the songs and music and contract were there, we were just bought wonderbras and slotted in there", we're guessing it won't be like that. We'd recommend Ronnie Spector's Be My Baby in its stead.

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