Wednesday, October 09, 2002

HERE COME THE MONEYGRUBBERS: Though its disappointing to see Bob Dylan joining Billy Joel in anything, much less USD150,000 per "infringement" by, dating back to before the service settled with the major labels. It's not clear from the Bloomberg report if the greedy ones want one hundred and fifty thou per track, or for each time a track was zapped across's wires (or, if they're being unreasonable or totally insane). Maybe Rosen or someone would like to lecture these dunderheads that by suing Vivendi Universal (the parent company) they're, like taking money away from artist development and so on. I mean - 150,000 for having Tell Her About It on a server? How many pirate CDs would it take to rob a similar amount from them by those means?
Obviously, Dylan, Joel et al never felt the chill wind of hunger beating down on them as a result of's activities, so lets hope a judge has the balls to ask them to detail exactly what their loss is in this matter.

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