Monday, December 02, 2002

And it shows

Interesting that Shania Twain has said in a Time interview that she never had any burning desire to be a performer, and that she still doesn't.

Because it's not like that shows in the pudgy, will-this-do live spots she's been turning in for the Up! promotion. It's kind of a special symbiotic relationship - a singer who doesn't really want to sing doing songs that didn't need to be written for an audience that doesn't really like music.

Perhaps her attitude explains her increasingly bizarre dress sense. As we said a few days back, her Letterman appearance saw her wearing an Iceland windcheater; the video for the last single had her apparently frolicking about in one of Cher's cast-offs; the sleeve for the single had her dressed up like bloody Andy Capp. Now we know she's just going through the motions, though, the plucking of anything out the dressing-up box makes sense. We should be thankful she showers before she turns up at the studio.

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