Monday, December 02, 2002

Conclusions are not always right because they're based on correct observations

Strand, (some sort of consultants) report that the record companies have missed out on the ringtone bonanza, and they should really gear themselves up to be ready to cash in from 3G - the market, suggests Strand, can only grow.

Well, up to a point - but what the geniuses haven't taken into account is that as phones get smarter, users will become more devious. At the moment, if you've got a Nokia (or "Satan") phone, you've got little choice but to use the paid-for ringtone services.

But already phones are coming equipped with a USB port and the ability to import music - we suspect that by this time next year, the demand for paid-for ringtones will have peaked as people start to use their evil stolen MP3 files to alert themselves that somebody's just sent them a text. Really, it's going to be back to square one...

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