Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Commercial berate

Now, we could just about understand why Vodaphone chose The Mock Turtles for the annoying photo messaging advert (and can you imagine David Beckham really be being delighted being approached by a stranger in the supermarket - seriously, go try it and see how many SAS heavies you get piled on top of you) - after all, a dead band is less likely to make disparaging remarks about your product the way, say, the Dandy Warhols might. Besides, we quite like the idea of a few extra quid getting into the pocket of Martin "brother of the much, much more famous Steve" Coogan.

But if Mitsuibishi think they can get away with using Gay Dad's Joy on their current TV ad, they've got another think coming. If the track wasn't pisspoor enough, the bit where the woman in the back of the vehicle turns and lyp-synchs the lyric to the slightly scared bloke sat next to her caps it as already the most annoying commercial of the year.

On a brighter note, at least after two and a half million showings, the Citeron Xsara Picasso spot with the bloody Edith Piaf tune has been replaced - they probably did some research and discovered that there is nobody left in the United Kingdom who didn't start chanting "Must... Kill... Now" between gritted teeth every time it came on. The new one is still rubbish, but at least its a change.

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