Friday, January 03, 2003

A long march into a pure morning

Let's just leave aside a moment whether Suede playing China and giving support to a regime that routinely censors its press and imprisons its critics (when it doesn't drive tanks over them) is a desirable thing from a band we thought were a little bit better than that, and let's ask: is it a good thing for Suede?

Not many Western acts get to play in what we're sure their label is thinking of as "potentially the world's biggest market", but the ones who have haven't really thrived after.

Wham were the first, and they split almost as soon as they'd picked up the pictures of George and Andy at the Great Wall.

Jean Michel Jarre may not have harmed his career by visiting the place, but when did you last hear someone say "I wonder when Jean Michel will have some new material available"?

And lets not forget the most recent Western band to tramp down Beijing's streets - Space. Remember them?

On this basis, we give Suede 'til July before they split.

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