Saturday, January 25, 2003

Neko Case: Also a review

More Morag, More Manchester:
This much we know: neko is beautiful and has a voice somewhere near the tingly side of patsy cline if she had become a hollering punk. There's not a lot to add really; The Voice needs capital letters and stardust and garlands; she really does sound great, whetehr she's singing one of her haunted and haunting orignials or reclaiming an old time country tune.

It's ashame the show let her down. The main reason for this was the venue. Night and day sucks. Its a great hangout at lunchtime or when there's not many punters in, but when its jammed packed the fact it's long and narrow with shitty acoustics starts to matter. Factor in the lack of air con which means most of neko's on stage banter is reduced to variations on 'jeez its hot' and well.... its never going to be the best show ever.

The band had their moments; it is always fabulous to see Jon rauhause; tonight he played steel guitar and banjo and was, at times, awesome. There was also a guy on stand up bass which worked really well on some songs but got a tad boring after a while. A lot of songs were from the last two albums, plus some traditional numbers sara told me all americans learn in school. And there were moments of real beauty when the gorgeousness of The Voice and the music carried me away. but still a nagging doubt.

it was good, but it should have been brilliant.

fyi: she was wearing dark blue jeans, nicely fitted, a navy blue fitted t-shirt with a silver design on it (even when I was right at the front i couldnt quite figure out what it was) and some very nice blue trainers. and her hair looked less red than i remembered.

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