Friday, January 24, 2003

Something we forgot

We hope that Natasha - apparently she considers herself too famous for surnames - the XFM dj is being made to feel like she's been shunned by her friends and families after a shameless attempt to pass off Jump The Shark as her own concept on this week's Buzzcocks. The conversation had got round, somehow, to something outliving its prime, and Natash - in the past thirty seconds she's become even more famous and doesn't need the final 'a' to identify her - said "It's like that show Happy Days where Fonzie had to jump the shark..." - Natas, did you really think there was a person alive who'd go "what an invigorating observation; a novel concept; a witty new coinage"? Everyone's visited Jump The Shark, you daft pooty - it's like trying to pass off "it is like a dog walking on its hind legs" or something as your own. Bah.

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