Monday, January 20, 2003

They axed World In Action for this, you know

It's funny that Martin Bashir is still dining off his interview for Panorama with Mrs. Diana, lady Princess - nobody seems to remember his more recent 'scoops' like the Steven Lawrence suspects, do they?

Anyway, the latest boinkster who's agreed to have Bashir's insightful "Just why are you so lovely" flummery directed 'at' them is Michael Jackson. I

n what must surely be a low point for ITV's Current Affairs output, a ninety minute Tonight special is dedicated to the crumbly face man - this a few months after Mariah Carey was given the full soft questions, hard sell commercial-dressed-as-news treatment. ITV have a record for making very bad pop shows (Get It Together, The Roxy, Pennis Pops Out) and it seems to be a tradition that the current affairs department is keen to keep alive.

We're predicting Christina Aguilera for Christmas.

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