Sunday, January 19, 2003

We need a new word

With the not-at-all-unwelcome news that the Go-Betweens have a tour and a new album all about to spring on us, it's becoming increasingly apparent that we really could do with a word to describe bands who have supposedly called it a day, but get back together again every couple of years or so to knock out something else - like Madness, the Go Betweens, New Order - you know the sort of act. Based on the concept of how Open University students have a couple of weeks get-together each year and struggle on alone for the rest of the time, we're proposing: The Summer School.

And, if you're casting about for a term to describe unwanted piles of pointless merchandise for bands who don't really have much of a shelf-life (think Hear'Say Easter Eggs; One True Voice anything) may we suggest: Memorobulimia?

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