Monday, February 24, 2003

AND WE'D LIKE TO THANK OUR DEALERS: there were about nine hundred catgeories in the Grammys and, In the words of david Coleman as imagined by I Ludcrious, i can't be bothered to read them all out, so pick your favourites, and give them a shout. Most notable, of course, is the spectacularly ordinary Norah Jones, who took virtually all the awards - you'd have to imagine the equally not that impressive Vanessa Carlton must be wondering why they all went to Norah and not her.
No Doubt took best pop vocal performance with more than one person involved, or something; Coldplay's In My Place took best rock performance and best, um, alternative album (it's different to something?) and Nelly and Kelly did awfully well in the all important rap/sung collaboration category. Eminem's Eminem Show was judged to be the best album with rap containing more than fifty one percent vocal tracks. And nice to see Jars of Clay picking up a prize.
We wholeheartedly agree with Hella Good being best remix (non-classical) and it's kind of fitting the last award on the list went to the Clash for best long-form music video. We suspect the best promo went to Eminem simply because he took the piss out of Osama.
We've seen very little of the coverage, but on BBC Breakfast this morning there was a new addition to our bitter men of rock list - Dirty Vegas. Were they pleased that the biggest music awards of them all had showered them with a prize? No, they wanted to moan that "nobody recognises us back home" and they just tacked their nomination at the end of reports - "and Dirty Vegas have been nominated." Don't let the magic of the moment make you happy, guys. Maybe if you'd not prolonged Liam Gallagher's existence we'd be a bit kinder to you.

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