Monday, February 24, 2003

HEY, WHAT ABOUT THE ELETANTS?: We find it curious that Lee Ryan wants to gather a human shield of celebs to record an anti-war single - wasn't it Lee who, even while the world was going "two planes... how many thousands?" spat "who cares about New York when elephants are dying?" We wonder why he's suddenly developed a concern for people? Unless... surely Saddam isn't planning a pachyderm shield? Moving elephants to protect his weapons of mass destruction?
Tony, face it: even the dimwitted one from Blue knows the war stinks. You're not going to sell us this one.
[Actually, Tony, you might be able to: there's one last card you could play - 'We believe there may have been Iraqis in the Paris tunnel that fateful night...' - that might just swing it. You could call it 'The People's War: Do or Die, Do it for Di']
Advertisement: No Rock has had a war baby. Warticker. We like to think George Bush reads us, cause we're simple.

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