Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Fred On The Dead

Fred Durst is fast emerging as the Richard Hillman of shit rock. Writing on the Limp Bizkit website, fred sheds tears over the nightclub fire last week:

"i am horrified at what happened to the innocent people who were burned to death at the great white concert recently. i feel so much sadness inside because of it. how could such a thing happen? especially when it could have absolutely been prevented. it is so important to make any concert a safe place for fans to be. we have had our own terrible exsperience with a similar situation in australia a while back. i believe that it is our resposibility to provide you with the safest most secure conditions when you come to our concerts and i pray that every club owner, tour promoter, venue security, and band will learn from this horrible incident."

Ah, yes. Learning from horrible incidents - so, presumably, you'd be disgusted if the attempts to investigate what happened in Rhode Island last week were hampered by, say Great White's singer refusing to attend the inquest except by video link? You know, Fred, like the way you were "too busy" to attend the inquest after that "nasty Australian experience"? It's interesting that you're now Mr. Safety, though. Perhaps when the Australian coroner accused you of being "inflammatory and indeed insulting to the security staff who were engaged in their best efforts to extricate crucially injured patrons from the crowd collapse" it hit home? or are you merely hoping everyone's forgotten?

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[Part of Rhode Island nightclub fire coverage]

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