Monday, February 17, 2003

Neglect is a terrible thing

NEGLECT IS A TERRIBLE THING: Michael Jackson must be so busy what with trying to prove that Martin Bashir is a bad, bad man (we loved the little clip of his forthcoming 'I'm not weird' cut of the Tonight Special - Jackson sat on a sofa nodding while a voice, off-camera, possibly Bashir's, bangs on about what a great parent he is. Wonder if the same guy does the voice for bin Laden?) that he seems to have forgotten about his Heal The Kids charity.

Supposedly he's violated local laws by not filing any details at all about what the charity has been doing.

That, of course, comes as he's being sued for USD13million by a former business manager - not to be confused with that lawsuit over the Millennium Eve gigs.

And, according to the weekend papers, he never settled his bill for that tacky spree in the store from the Bashir documentary, so the store are refusing to deliver. Possibly wise, since Sotheby's have been forced to take legal action to get back USD1.3m Jack bid for paintings last October which he's not yet settled up for.

Parents sending their kids off for a weekend at Neverland might like to think twice: will that huge hush-money cheque actually ever appear?

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